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Protect Your Family And Home From Power Outages With A Solar Generator

The worst of the winter weather is hardly behind us as much of the East coast is bracing for record levels of snow this weekend in what will almost certainly leave a large number of people without power. For many people the idea of not having power for Super Bowl Sunday is almost too much to stomach but if you’ve failed to prepare yourself for what Mother Nature has in store then you might just find yourself reading about the game on Monday.
As with most winter storms the presence of ice poses the biggest danger and it is this ice that typically snaps power lines and leaves homeowners in the dark, waiting for repair crews to arrive and restore electricity. When that winter storm is on the scale of what’s hitting this weekend then that wait can be quite long. That means sitting in your home with no power which of course means no heat, no lights, no refrigerator, no computer and no television.
In these emergency situations many people turn to their gas generator for electricity, a quick fix to what they hope is a temporary problem. The problem is when those power outages last longer than the fuel in that generator you’re out of luck. Even if you brave the icy roads to get to a filling station for more gas the chances are you’ll find the station closed. Now you have to drive back to a cold and dark house.
There is a real solution to power outages and it comes in the form of a solar generator from MySolarBackUp, an instant provider of electricity whenever you need it. Because the solar generator is powered by the energy of the sun the electricity that it provides is not only free but constant. This is an invaluable feature of the solar generator as you never have to fear how long the power outage is going to last because you’ll always have a source of electricity.
The benefits of the solar generator from MySolarBackUp extend beyond the free and constant electricity that it provides. Unlike a gas generator a solar generator makes no noise and because it powers itself off the sun and not gas it emits no fumes when it’s being used. Couple that with the fact the solar generator is portable and now you can move it indoors when you need it. That means you not have to be compelled to string along extension cords across the house to connect to the gas generator that sits outside.
Of course the solar powered generator is more than just a matter of convenience. While we all like to have electricity when we want it the fact is it is a real security issue when our power is out for an extended period of time. As temperatures dip and we have no heat we become more prone to falling sick, the food that we stored in the refrigerator goes bad when we have no power and trying to maneuver our way around a dark house can prove dangerous.
Now is the time to take the steps to ensure you and your family are protected against the nasty weather and potential

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