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Homemade Solar Panels – Energy For Pennies

Many people who wish to install solar panels to their homes are often put off by the massive price that companies charge for the purchase and installation of one, which can often run in to thousands and thousands of dollars. This extortionate price is essentially precluding anyone without a high income from doing their bit for the environment and from making cuts to their monthly electricity bill. But what if there was a way to get virtually free solar panels that can work just as effectively as the ones supplied by these expensive companies? Well, with a little bit of hard work and some perseverance there is no need why every house in the United States can’t have their own solar panels for next to nothing!

Building solar panels used to be the preserve of those with a university degree in engineering, but now anyone can easily build their own solar panels for hardly anything! All the expense needed to be made is the purchase of a sheet of copper – everything else needed can already be found in most people’s homes, or alternatively can be borrowed from friends or neighbors. The other components needed are some empty plastic bottles, a working stove, an electricity current detector and some alligator leads – not much to ask for really!

Once the top of the bottle has been cut off, it is then time to cut two discs from the sheet of copper, roughly the same size as the diameter of the bottle (no bigger though). One of these copper circles is then heated over the stove for approximately 2 hours, until black residue starts to appear on the surface. Once it has cooled, this black residue is wiped away and the disc can be placed – along with the other disc – in to the plastic bottle. Be careful, however, to ensure that the two discs are not touching when they are positioned in this way.

Believe it or not, this is almost half way to getting virtually free solar panels already, as everything else needed is really easy! Next, attach the alligator clips to the copper, before submerging both the copper plates in salt water, which will act as a great conductor. Then connect the clips to the electricity meter and there should already be a charge running through it. Finally, once the solar panel has been tested, it can be placed in the yard in the sunniest spot to start harvesting all of the energy from the earth’s only unlimited resource – the Sun!

As can be seen, there is really nothing to creating solar panels from scratch, other than some hard work and a bit of dedication. When it is considered that one solar panel would cost a customer approximately $2000 when bought from the shops, the amount of money spent on a homemade solar panel really does make it as close to free as is possible. If everyone in the nation made just one solar panel for themselves, then the earth’s resources would be protected for future generations.

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