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Home Solar Power In A NutShell

With the global warming getting worse with each passing day, a lot of people are opting for conventional sources of energy. One such source of energy is solar energy, with which you can meet up a number of power requirements in your house. The recent hikes in water bills, gas bills and electricity bills is also a huge factor for which people are switching over to home solar power.

Advantages of solar power:

• You can contribute in decreasing the pollution level, if you have chosen to use solar
power instead of the unconventional sources of energy.

• Solar power consumption is much a cheaper way than spending huge amount on oil,
gas, and electricity.

Solar power can be used for :

• Cooking – You can replace your gas cylinders by solar panels, which will be much
cheaper when it comes to money. After all, who does not want to save some?
Secondly, food cooked by the energy produced by the sun is cleaner and hygienic
than those cooked on gas.

• Converting to electrical energy – Cut down on your huge electric bills as you convert
solar power to electrical energy, to light up your house of run appliances.

• Heating water – Now, with solar energy you have hot water instantly without having
to wait anymore.

DIY solar panels and how do they work:

If you are a creative kind and love to try your hands at making different things, you might as well try to make DIY solar panels for your energy needs for home. While there is one loophole when you are using home solar power of having no electricity produced on cloudy days or at night, there is some good news to compensate for it. Apart from having an environment-friendly and economical way to derive energy home solar power panels also increases the resale value of your house. Photovoltaic solar panels of can be beneficial when you want to store the electricity that has been generated on a bright and sunny day, in batteries as DC. This can later be converted into AC with the help of an inverter.

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