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Everything You Need To Know About DIY Solar Panels

DIY solar panels are really picking up in popularity, appearing in homes throughout America on a far more regular basis than ever before. With their cheap price to install and money saving abilities, everyone in the US should be considering this as a viable alternative to much of the electricity that they buy from their current supplier – but what exactly can solar power do for a home and how can it be installed?

Solar power has many advantages to homeowners, but there are two that really stick out above any others and provide the best reasons for the installation of DIY solar panels in a house. The first main advantage is that of cost, as electricity is getting more expensive by the day when bought from any of the major suppliers. Solar power is, of course, totally free once the panels are installed, which will save the homeowner a pretty penny in bills. Even if the solar power can’t replace all of the electricity needed, even replacing a portion of it will pay dividends.

The other advantage to installing solar panels in a home is more of a moral one, in that they are far more environmentally friendly than any other conventional ways of obtaining electricity. As coal and nuclear power stations both use the earth’s precious resources and also deposit huge amounts of pollution in to the atmosphere – as well as being an eyesore on the landscape – they are tremendously detrimental to the health of the world. With solar power, there are no harmful emissions and the only fuel used is the Sun, which is a never ending resource! This makes solar power infinitely more environmentally friendly than any other power generation method.

So those are the benefits of installing solar panels to a house, but how exactly does one go about doing this? Well, it is easier than anyone could imagine when putting up DIY solar panels, as there is not much expense and it only takes a few hours to complete – depending on how many someone installs, that is!

When it comes to equipment, there are only a few things needed, most important of which are some copper sheeting, a plastic bottle and salt water. Once prepared properly – details can be found on this on various websites – the copper sheeting is put inside the bottle, which is then filled with salt water. After being connected up properly, the salt water is added to the bottle and that’s all there is to it! Now all that is needed is for the newly made solar panel to be placed in an appropriate place outside, preferably in an area that gets the maximum exposure to the Sun.

As can be seen, there are huge benefits to installing solar panels in any home, and on top of this it is incredibly easy to do! With this in mind then surely it is time that everyone in society started doing their bit for the environment – and their bank balance – by making the effort to utilize the earth’s only infinite resource.

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