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A Few Things You Should Know About Homemade Solar Panels

A lot of people are now turning to home solar power options for their household energy consumption needs. This is a great initiative on their part not only to cut down their household bills, but also to contribute towards a greener and pollution free environment. Many of them are enthusiastic enough to use homemade solar panels for the purpose, so they build it themselves.

Before that let us give you an insight into how these homemade solar panels work. Even if you are not so inclined to science and how do these thing work, you may still read on this simple article to know about it. We are sure you have heard of the terms in Physics and Chemistry while you were in school.

What are solar panels and what are their functions?

They are nothing but an assemblage of solar cells. The main function of solar panels is to trap solar radiation and transform the same solar energy into electricity. Their functioning is much like the huge semi-conductors, and puts to use a p-and junction diode. When the solar panels get the sunlight, they are the diodes, which help in transforming the solar energy into electrical energy.

Efficiency of homemade solar panels:

The more number of solar cells are there in a solar panel, the more effective is the latter in its electrical energy output. The efficiency of any or homemade solar panels is measured by solar insolation. Insolation measures how much of solar radiation is received by the solar panels.

Factors that might come in the way of the performance of solar panels:

Weather conditions: Too cloudy a day might come in the way of the efficiency of solar panels, since it would fail to receive ample amount of sunlight to transform the solar power into electrical power.

Obstructions and shades: Any types of obstruction of sunlight from reaching on the surface of the solar panels or a shade might hamper the performance of your home solar power system. So, when you are installing the homemade solar panels be careful to mount it in an open space and have it swivel at different angles, for different times of the day.

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